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Please find out more about our offer for panel fencing.

Our company offers you complete systems of panel fencing with straight or curved top with mounting posts including appropriate mounting accessories.

We also sell gates and automatic gate openers.
Panel facing systems are more and more widely used in private, business and public areas fencing.
Panel fencing is a very attractive alternative to standard fencing.

Gates and Fences

We would like to offer you complete systems of panel fencing made of heat sealed panels and appropriate mounting accessories.Panel fencing is widely used in fencing public areas, sport areas, school grounds, factories, parks and private plots of land.

STRONG automatic control

STRONG automatic control is an ideal solution to sliding, swing and garage gates weighing from 300 to 2000 kg. Gate Actuator is manufactured in compliance with current European Union standards. It is used in installations in private properties as well as plants or business areas of medium traffic volume.

Panel fencing

Included in our offer please find dozens of types of foundation for installation of panel fencing. Our products are of high quality of manufacture, durable and withstand adverse weather conditions

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